外贸人每个月都会有那么几天内心躁动不安的日子,而且随着夏季的到来,气温的升高,人也变得容易烦躁起来。别急别急,今日就带来了外贸人专用减压术,快来干了这碗 “心灵凉茶”吧!

As the weather becomes hotter, people are easily getting annoyed. Keep calm, today I will give you decompression specialized for us and let's have a look!


Those pressures


Being impatient, when boss pushes you or you yourself are nervous, you turn to customers and urge them till they disappear.

心灵凉茶: 把该做的事情做完善了,该注意的细节注意了,剩下的就交给客户。如果发现还有遗漏或者不足的地方,追加一封邮件说明,但修改次数不宜过多。否则一个报价或者 PI 修改 N 次,客户会对你的做事态度和能力表示怀疑。

Tea for the soul: when you have done all you should and noticed all details, the rest are for the customers. Once you find something omitted or wrong, add an e-mail for explanation while only several times. Otherwise, a frequent correction of PI or quotation will make customer judge your attitude and ability.


Being busy, every day, boss, managers and colleges come to you as well as continuous phones called from logistics.

心灵凉茶: 一口井凿的够深了才有泉水,到处打井损耗的不仅是体力更是脑力,个人的精力有限,集中精力做自己该做的事。

Tea for soul: Spring hides under deep well. It’s a waste of physical strength and mental power to dug wells everywhere. Our personal energy is limited and we should focus on out own work.


Being bored, no replies for customer’s e-mail as it is boring for you to have same work everyday.

心灵凉茶: 如果连续几天你都有这种感觉,那你的工作态度一定出了问题。这时候可以想想,咱们的网站能不能再有吸引力一些?发布过的产品用不用更新?邮件能不能想办法更专业一点?闲的时候千万别和同事作比较,因为比较后再去催客户要订单,写的邮件不是献媚就是抓狂。千万别让自己太悠闲,在行动中获取经验,而不是凭空去设想。

Tea for soul: if this feeling remains for days, there must be something wrong with your work attitude. Think of this at the moment, can we make our website more attractive, should I update the products I sent and can the e-mails be more professional? Never send mails to customers after comparing with your colleges to cure time, as the mails can be a complaint or flattery and never let yourself be too leisure but seize experience through actions instead of imaging and guessing.


Lack of experience, no big errors but many small mistakes.

心得:  一封邮件看完两遍再发,避免不该犯的错误和机械的重复。多听取长者的建议,经验中的精华不会过时,细心谨慎是常道。桀骜不驯的个性必定也能成功走一段,但是积极吸取,虚心钻研才能走完全程。

Experience Read the mail twice before sending it out to avoid mistakes and repeats. Listen more to the senior workers because their experience is never out of date and it is a common theory to be patient. Being obstinate and unruly can also be successful but only positivity in learning and modesty in studying win at last.


There are many people doing well in business within long stay in company. Except for company ability, there are two personal reasons: 

1.  做业务之前自身的修养已经比较高了。这里包括态度,心态,毅力等等;

The first one is these people have relatively high accomplishment before doing business which includes attitude, mentality and will. The second one is business tactics mastering.

2.   掌握了一些的做业务技巧。

Countless experience tells us virtue is the base 


Actually, what customers care is not your high skill which can be known once showed and becomes not so useful next time. Skills can be learned gradually but some virtues need to be learned from the beginning.

爱心 Love


If a salesperson is not kind or not sincere, people are not coming to him. And if you care enough for your customers, you will not know their mind. Love will never be rejected. People take efforts to learn skills and experience but abandon the most instinctive emotions. A sentence shows perfectly an attitude we should have towards orders, no matter you are coming or not, I will be here without happiness or sadness.

 多一点问候少一点埋怨 More greetings, less complaints


People want to be noticed, respected and cared, so more greetings can not only bring happiness for us but also warming others. When we are complaining about getting not enough, think of what we’ve given. On National Family Day, I sent 20 mails to bless my customers and I received their blessings too.


Start from heart and you will find communication not so tough. No matter you are successful in business or not, you will better discover your potential with peaceful internal mind. The road is always there and let’s work together!